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The following lists the discussion papers and final revised papers published within the last 90 days.
13 Sep 2016
Estimating the wake deflection downstream of a wind turbine in different atmospheric stabilities: an LES study
Lukas Vollmer, Gerald Steinfeld, Detlev Heinemann, and Martin Kühn
Wind Energ. Sci., 1, 129-141, doi:10.5194/wes-1-129-2016, 2016
07 Sep 2016
Detection of ice mass based on the natural frequencies of wind turbine blade
Sudhakar Gantasala, Jean-Claude Luneno, and Jan-Olov Aidanpaa
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-30, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: open, 0 comments)
05 Sep 2016
Blind test comparison of the performance and wake flow between two in-line wind turbines exposed to different atmospheric inflow conditions
Jan Bartl and Lars Sætran
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-31, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: open, 0 comments)
02 Sep 2016
Nacelle power curve measurement with spinner anemometer and uncertainty evaluation
Giorgio Demurtas, Troels Friis Pedersen, and Rozenn Wagner
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-29, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: open, 0 comments)
31 Aug 2016
Adjoint Optimization of Wind Plant Layouts
Ryan N. King, Katherine Dykes, Peter Graf, and Peter E. Hamlington
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-25, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: open, 2 comments)
24 Aug 2016
Year-to-year correlation, record length, and overconfidence in wind resource assessment
Nicola Bodini, Julie K. Lundquist, Dino Zardi, and Mark Handschy
Wind Energ. Sci., 1, 115-128, doi:10.5194/wes-1-115-2016, 2016
23 Aug 2016
Modal dynamics of structures with bladed isotropic rotors and its complexity for 2-bladed rotors
Morten Hartvig Hansen
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-27, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: open, 1 comment)
19 Aug 2016
Atmospheric boundary layer modeling based on mesoscale tendencies and data assimilation at microscale
Javier Sanz Rodrigo, Matthew Churchfield, and Branko Kosovic
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-26, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: open, 0 comments)
14 Jul 2016
The fence experiment – full-scale lidar-based shelter observations
Alfredo Peña, Andreas Bechmann, Davide Conti, and Nikolas Angelou
Wind Energ. Sci., 1, 101-114, doi:10.5194/wes-1-101-2016, 2016
13 Jul 2016
On the impact of non-Gaussian wind statistics on wind turbines – an experimental approach
Jannik Schottler, Nico Reinke, Agnieszka Hölling, Jonathan Whale, Joachim Peinke, and Michael Hölling
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-24, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: open, 2 comments)
12 Jul 2016
Detailed analysis of the blade root flow of a horizontal axis wind turbine
Iván Herráez, Buşra Akay, Gerard J. W. van Bussel, Joachim Peinke, and Bernhard Stoevesandt
Wind Energ. Sci., 1, 89-100, doi:10.5194/wes-1-89-2016, 2016
11 Jul 2016
Assessing Spacing Impact on the Wind Turbine Array Boundary Layer via Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Naseem Ali, Nicholas Hamilton, and Raúl Bayáon Cal
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-23, 2016
Revised manuscript under review for WES (discussion: final response, 4 comments)
08 Jul 2016
Improving Lidar-Derived Turbulence Estimates for Wind Energy
Jennifer F. Newman and Andrew Clifton
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss., doi:10.5194/wes-2016-22, 2016
Manuscript under review for WES (discussion: final response, 5 comments)
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